GROHE Product Warranty

Information & notes

We thank you for your purchase of GROHE products. Please read through the following terms & conditions which is related to the coverage of our warranty.

Generally, we ensure every GROHE products are defect-free from the initial stage of design & manufacturing until its final stage of packaging. However to ensure product reliability, please handle your GROHE products according to our maintenance warranty descriptions provided to you along with your GROHE product.

Please be informed that GROHE provides the following warranties on its products to the original purchaser.

The 5-year Manufacturer’s Guarantee

A five (5) years warranty in the event of failure caused by defects of any other parts of your GROHE fitting except part listed ** below. Depending on circumstances GROHE will either repair or replace the defective unit without charge. GROHE reserves the right to keep any defect units that was replaced.

** Flexible Hoses, Pull Out Sprays, Seals and Washers

The 10-year Manufacturer’s Guarantee

A ten (10) years warranty from the date of purchase and at all routine usage & maintenance. In the event of any leakages caused from by the defect of the cartridge, depending on circumstances GROHE will either repair or replace the defective cartridge.

All of the following GROHE product including Flexible Shower / Bidet & Retractable Kitchen Houses, Pull Out Spray, Seals, Washers, Mousseurs, Batteries, Plugs and Transformers will only be covered by warranty if the fault can be clearly shown to have existed as a result of defect in manufacture. There is a twelve (12) months warranty period only applicable for these parts.

Replacement parts

Where any Grohe item including but not exclusive to cartridges, hoses, or handpieces is sold as a replacement part for an item no longer covered by the original warranty period, a twelve (12) months warranty period is applicable for these parts.

Please note the following terms & conditions must be fulfilled before claiming your warranty:

  • Please provide a copy of your official receipt and warranty card as proof of purchase.
  • Please only allow our certified technician to handle the installation, maintenance and replacement of GROHE parts and products. Please ensure that all replacement parts and genuine GROHE parts and accessories.

Please be informed that your GROHE warranty does NOT cover:

  • Defects caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, fire, flood, natural calamities or other acts of God on your GROHE product.
  • Faults caused by contamination of strainers, aerators, shower heads by dirt and lime scale as result of insufficient cleaning and care of your GROHE product.

This warranty is only valid for Residential installations only and only valid in Malaysia. Please note that GROHE only accepts a valid, registered guarantee card certifying that the date of warranty begins from date of issuance of invoice.

Please remember to provide a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase and your warranty card in order to claim your warranty. Please present them at our GROHE Authorized distributor during our repair service of your GROHE products.

Grohe reserve the absolute discretion to the Warranty Terms and Conditions.

The information is subject to change and cannot form part of an offer or contract. While every reasonable care has been taken in providing this information, the owner or its agents cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. Whilst we believe the contents of this booklet to be correct and accurate at time of print, they are not to be regarded as statements or representations of facts.